Child and Youth Care Centre

Umephi Children and Youth Care Centers

Charisma Church has been running two centers registered under Umephi for more than 12 years, namely:

Thandi JSS (for babies from birth to 2 years)

Charis JSS (for children from 3 years to 18 years old)


Function and Goal :

  • Homes care for traumatised children who have been removed from their family circumstances due to physical/sexual abuse, neglect or rejection.
  • Homes receive their funds from a state subsidie and donations. The homes are reliant on these funds for the day to day management.
  • Homes are managed by Houseparents (or Youth Careworkers) who reside at the homes with the children

Thandi JSS:

  • House mom is Stienie Oberholzer
    Currently there are 12 babies.
    Also has an assistant and 6 caregivers who help with the baby’s care
  • 98 Oak Street, Northmead, Benoni. Tel Nr. 011 – 849 425 6353.

Charis JSS:

  • House mom is Nicolien Reichel
    Currently there are 9 children.
    Has a homeworker who helps with the daily care of the house.
  • 20 Stokroos Street, Northmead, Benoni. Tel Nr. 011 – 849 4590.

Kids Haven


Get involved:

Pray for our homes’ children, house parents, workers, volunteers, donors and finances.
Become a donor, financial or basic needs such as food, clothing, toiletries, cloths, milk, products, etc.
Become a volunteer or relayer (candidates must complete documentation and go through a selection process).
Become a weekend / holiday parent for Charis (candidates must complete documentation and go through a selection process).
Offer your professional services.

Get Involved

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to assist with the children’s ministry. If you would like to get involved please contact us